Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

Common Carp
The murky tail end of a common carp

I borrowed a GoPro Hero4 from the library and rigged up my monopod with some paracord.

Camera fishing
How to fish legally without a license

Back I went to our flooded main street to see if I could catch some fish. The lake is not known for being clear. I was surprised that I got even a glimpse on the camera of what I could clearly see from above. This big common carp was just lounging around behind some clusters of hay bale remains.

Common carp are native to temperate portions of Europe and Asia. They were first introduced into North America in 1877. At that time they were considered so valuable that the precious brood stock was fenced and guarded. Since that time countless introductions both intentional and unintentional have allowed Cyprinus carpio to become one of the most widely distributed fish species in North America, ranging from central Canada to central Mexico, and from coast to coast. In Texas, common carp are ubiquitous.

Texas Parks and Wildlife


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