Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis)

My neighbor loves all things native to this state. When I go to a local nature preserve it is like paying to look at a much bigger version of her front yard. It is a pretty wonderful sight before the oppressive heat of late summer kicks in. Last year she added birdhouses. Two of them are specifically for bluebirds. The one closest to me is currently occupied by an unknown number of chicks. I saw one for the first time today.

Eastern Bluebirds
Male and Juvenile Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Bluebird Juvenile
Juvenile Eastern Bluebird

According to Audubon.org the young eastern bluebirds leave the nest at about 18-19 days on average. This one looks like it is probably close to its first flight.

Male Eastern Bluebird
Male Eastern Bluebird

Male and female eastern bluebirds share parental duties. I watched the male bring several large insects back to the nest over the course of about 20 minutes. We did not have a cold winter this year which is resulting in a healthy insect population and consequently well-fed birds.

Female Eastern Bluebird
Female Eastern Bluebird

The female eastern bluebird was not happy that I was taking family pictures. She did not approach the nest when I was outside. She perched there on the feeder with a dried mealworm, chittered, and sang. They are rather vocal even when you are not being bird paparazzi. I enjoy listening to them sing when I am outside.


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