Eastern Cicada Killer (Sphecius Speciosus)

Summer is wasp season here in Texas and there is no shortage of variety. A plethora of paper wasps, mud daubers, and my very favorite the eastern cicada killer wasp.

They are the gigantic scary wasps that look like a cross between a red wasp and a yellowjacket that patrol the yard and buzz around you in a menacing manner that probably sends you running indoors unless you have taken the time to research them.

Eastern cicada killers are the gentle giant of the wasp world. The only thing they are interested in is stocking their burrows with cicadas. Of course, they will sting if they are handled roughly. So just be polite.

cicada killer
Eastern Cicada Killer Resting On A Flower Pot

As inferred above, the eastern cicada killer is a digging wasp. If you see all these holes in your yard and cannot quite figure out what tiny thing they belong to, it is probably a cicada killer. I love to watch them go about their daily lives, especially in years when there are a large number of cicadas. The wasps paralyze the huge insects and then carry them back to their burrows. It is quite an amazing feat of strength and determination.


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