I have a fondness for grasshoppers that goes all the way back to my childhood. Some of my favorite summer memories involve catching grasshoppers, western toads, etc. with my grandfather. They are one of my favorite insects, and it is unfortunate that they cause so much damage in gardens. Just look at how vibrant and beautiful they are right after molting.

Freshly Molted Grasshopper On A Sweet Pepper Leaf

They are just beautiful. The first time I saw one I thought it was fake. I could not believe that something in nature could be that vivid green.

grasshopper molt
Molted Skin Of Grasshopper On Underside Of A Sweet Pepper Leaf

I knew that grasshoppers molted, just like other insects. I had never seen the shed exoskeleton before yesterday. When the grasshopper molts it will hang upside down from something so that gravity will help the process along.


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