Field Mouse (Mus Musculus)

I have the privilege of being owned by two feral cats. One of them, a skittish spay/release female, has a huge crush on my indoor male cat. She likes to hang around at night, guard my garden, talk to Spike, and get pets from the humans while she eats dinner.

A nice side effect of having her around is that she keeps certain garden pests away. A slightly unfortunate side effect, at least for us humans, is that she likes to hunt for us because we have been judged as inept, weak creatures.

She is very good at hunting. Prior to this catch, she brought us a rabbit. Impressive.

So my sweet little Faye has inadvertently helped out with the FSH 2016 by providing me with breakfast a common field mouse.

Deceased Mouse

Field mice commonly live near human settlements. Male mice do not have nipples.


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