Custom Harry Potter Inspired Wand

I am a big Harry Potter fan. It got me back into reading. It got me back into creating things. It is also just a darn cool universe that JK Rowling has created. I could go on and on about it, but let me get straight to the point. A friend of mine was going through a rough time and I wanted to send a gift to lift the spirits, but I wanted it to really mean something. Said friend is also a big Harry Potter fan so I searched the internet for related crafty things.

I thought making a wand would be cool so I read through probably a dozen or so DIY wand making instructional blogs. They ranged from using a lathe to decorating a drinking straw with beads. I took stock of my abilities, tools, budget, and supplies. Then I set out some guidelines for my creation.

  • It must be cheap to make.
  • It must be lightweight but sturdy.
  • It must look like it fell out of the HP Universe and into my friend’s hands.

I combined different elements from multiple techniques and got to work.

Paper wand with chopstick core and hot glue detailing

I wrapped a sheet of paper around a chopstick so that it tapered to a rough point. I temporarily secured the paper with a piece of scotch tape, and cut the butt end of the paper so that it would be straight across. The hollow paper tube is then filled with hot glue to reinforce the structure around the core. After that I added some basic detailing and also sealed the tip of the wand.

The next step was to run the hot glue gun up and down the paper to hide the rolling lines and hopefully add some wood-like texture. I made sure this texturing did not stick up higher than the detailing.

After that came multiple rounds of painting.

Black base coat of paint


Coating of brown acrylic paint


Post-application of antique gold Rub ‘n Buff

Of course, the best wands come from Ollivander and need a proper display box. This is where I spent the vast majority of my budget, but it was worth every penny.

Staining a prefabricated box


Sealing the box after applying label art found online

I scrounged up some foam and green fabric from a prior project for the finishing touches on the box. I made the foam block a little bit big so it would compress and fit snug. For the wand cradle, I carved an indentation with a knife and used hot glue to secure the fabric to the foam.

A wand worthy of any Slytherin

As you can probably imagine, the gift was a big hit!


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