I like documenting the things I see around me. I got my start in black and white film photography for a photojournalism course. While I no longer have access to a dark room for film processing, I still have a deep love for black and white photography and try to shoot B&W in digital as often as I can. I think it is one of my strengths in the art form.

I find myself regularly using my iPhone out of convenience to capture everyday moments.

I also use a very small DSLR kit – Minolta Maxxum 7D w/ 19mm-35mm Vivitar lens, 28mm-100mm stock Minolta lens, 70mm-300mm Tamron lens, an assortment of filters, and homemade accessories.

When I can get my hands on one, I enjoy the experience of exploring the capabilities of the GoPro Hero4.

All of my work is licensed under the Creative Commons license linked below. I will make exceptions to that license but I must be contacted for permission.

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